Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen organizes ERASMUS INTENSIVE LANGUAGE COURSES

The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses are aimed at all the future Erasmus students who have chosen to study in Bulgaria.Thus the University provides couses for beginners. The carefully planned schedule of the course will provide the students with knowledge and skills important for their education and will grant them the opportunity to see for themselves the rich culture and history of Bulgarians.

Time of the courses: 19.08 – 09.09.2012


The main objective of the EILC is the development of various language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening  which will be of use for the participants during their studies as Erasmus students in Bulgaria. Participants will be taught basic grammatical and lexical constructions and categories. An interesting part of the education process will be the presentation of present-day vocabulary used in typical everyday communication (chats, e-mails).

The main topics in the course  will cover the following themes: the Bulgarian alphabet, introducing oneself, greetings, family, nationality, weather, calendar, time, everyday communication, shopping, making telephone calls, etc. The learning will be facilitated by real visits to the market, station, supermarket, café, the beach, etc. where students will be stimulated to use their knowledge and make dialogues, ask questions to passers-by, etc. Thus they will learn how to elicit information from a real-life conversation.

The classroom  will be organized in a way that simulates real communication contexts. The atmosphere will be friendly and easy-going in order to help students overcome the language barrier. On the whole, speaking will be given a priority. All the participants will receive learning materials for free.

Complete information package of the course